Custom Actions

In addition to all of the available standard actions, you can define your own custom actions and apply them to any screen edge or button. Edgy comes with the several pre-defined custom actions. You can edit or delete these custom actions, or you can just add your own. The pre-defined custom actions serve as good examples to show you how to create your own.

Custom actions can specify what tasks to perform when the mouse enters the screen edge, when the mouse leaves the screen edge, or both.

Some example custom actions:

  • Launch a program
  • Open a file (for example, edit a document or play a music file)
  • Browse a folder
  • Rename a file

See online help for details on how to do these tasks with custom actions.

You can also launch batch files and script files, which means Edgy custom actions can do almost anything.

Edgy custom actions
Custom actions


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